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buggreallethis's Journal

Buggre Alle This - The Good Omens RPG
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This time, it WAS a dark and stormy night.

The Powers That Be, both Above and Below, decided that the whole business with the Apocalypse, and how it didn't happen as according to plan, wasn't really anyone's fault but a series of unfortunate events. It could have been avoided, but the reality was that mistakes were made, and the world didn't end like it was supposed to. Or, well, nobody's really sure about that. What with the whole "ineffable" bit.


That isn't to say that two agents of certain celestial identity couldn't be held responsible for not keeping up their ends of the bargain. That's what happens, you know, when you let your people go too long - six thousand years or so - without any kind of real direction. Getting used to things, becoming attached, if you can imagine, to the workings of this half-baked rock called Earth. Just throws a real spanner in the works, to put them in charge of something so important as the onset of Armageddon.

Which is the thinking behind this community - a method for the People Upstairs (and Somewhere Else) to keep an eye on things, keep tabs on the activities of their own. The two agents, of course, and eventually the Four Horsepersons, and everyone else who was involved in the whole mess, are to keep diaries of their activities, so that they can be checked up on from time to time.

Just to make sure this sort of thing does NOT happen again.

This is a closed RPG. To apply for a character, send an email to jenny @ linay . freeserve . co . uk